Vivien Searcyfoto by Erik Hagman

Live It Right ” shows how Vivien Searcy ” Does it right “. An additional praise for this year’s best-looking album cover“-Magnus Eriksson (Lira/Rootsy), Sweden
What a great CD. Superbly produced, with a vast array of sonic textures and musical moods – from the rockers to honky-tonkers, to ballads. It sounds like a multi-colored rainbow. Thumbs up, and that goes to Andreas and all the band & tech crew!“- Michael Lonstar,Artist,Poland
“Wonderful Cd and your voice is heavenly!” –Deborah Valerio, Italy
“I really like your new CD with fantastic song and no cover, all written by yourself, my respect for that great work.”- Michael Gube- Country Radio, Germany
“I just finished my first spin on “Live It Right”. And It Rocks! Congrats on another amazing CD”-Pablo Pereira, Brazil

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